MR sensors “Made in Germany” Innovative sensors and systems with AMR GMR and TMR technology

We are a leading company in MagnetoResistive sensor technology and in the development and production of magnetic microsystems with sites in Wetzlar and Mainz. We offer simple, durable, precise and dynamic path, angle, current and magnetic field sensor solutions.

Our products contribute to increased safety and a better quality of life, more comfort and better energy-efficiency, more innovativeness and more productivity.


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Sensitec GmbH was founded in 1999 in Lahnau near Wetzlar with the aim of producing sensors based on the MagnetoResistive effect for industrial and automotive series applications. Thanks to the constantly growing market and continuous product development, we were able to establish ourselves quickly and today we are among the world market leaders for high-quality and innovative magnetic sensor solutions.

In 2000, Sensitec took over the Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnologie und Optoelektronik e.V. (institute for micro-structure technology and optoelectronics - IMO) in Wetzlar. At the time, the IMO already had more than ten years of experience in the field of MR technology.

In 2003, Sensitec acquired Europe's most modern and efficient factory for AMR and GMR sensors in Mainz. Since then, the product range has been significantly expanded. The company has established itself on the automobile market with various products and a corresponding qualification. In order to satisfy the strict technical specifications of automobile manufacturers with regard to product quality and productivity, certification in accordance with ISO/TS 16949:2002 took place, defining the quality management standard for suppliers to the automobile industry. Moreover, the Mainz site introduced a certified environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard as well as the energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001.

Among the milestones in 2010, we were awarded the “Global New Product Award” conferred by the global US management consultancy Frost & Sullivan. At the time, we were the only German company ever to have received this award. This is a global distinction which was awarded for the development of a special magnetic field sensor.

As of April 2013, Sensitec GmbH belonged to the Körber Group and was assigned to the Körber Automation Business Area as the Sensor Technology Business Unit.

In October 2013, we were already able to make a pleasing announcement: the 100 millionth AF720 sensor chip was delivered to the customer Continental, Business Unit Sensorics in Frankfurt. An impressive feat, particularly given the fact that no functional field failures had been reported to date. Continental congratulated us with a special gift and recognized the good collaboration.

In January 2015, we arranged a switch to green electricity for the Mainz site with our energy provider ENTEGA, thereby demonstrating our commitment to humanity and the environment. Since then, our company has been sourcing 100 percent of its electricity from renewable energies which is, in turn, entirely produced in Germany from hydropower. ENTEGA demonstrates the quality of the renewable energy with the corresponding certificates. By switching to green power, we avoid the generation of the climate-damaging gas carbon dioxide every year. The CO2 saving is estimated at 4,110 tons per year. This represents a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

2016: 100 % market share on Mars for 12 years. Since 2004, our sensors have been moving about on Mars in NASA aerospace projects. Sensitec technology is on board the Mars rovers “Spirit”, “Opportunity” and “Curiosity”. “Opportunity” is continuing to make its rounds and has already covered 41.7 km – more than any other robotic vehicle on a different celestial body.

In June 2020, Sensitec GmbH moves to the Wetzlar industrial estate "Schanzenfeld". At the new location, the company has a total area of 2970 m², providing a larger and more modern location for all departments such as production, development, service and administration. Since 1999 Sensitec GmbH was located in Lahnau. With the move, the company has once again confirmed its commitment to the optical, electronic and mechanical city of Wetzlar after more than 20 years. The move creates additional capacities and supports the company in setting the course for further continuous growth in the future.

Since 28 September 2021, Sensitec has been wholly owned by Sinomags Electronic Technology Co, Ltd, based in Ningbo, China.

XMR Symposium in Wetzlar

Every two years, we host the “XMR SENSORS AND MAGNETIC MICROSYSTEMS” symposium in Wetzlar. Our symposium offers an ideal platform for specialists from all areas of magnetic field measurement.  The latest developments, trends and research results in xMR sensors as well as interesting fields of application are discussed in a lively exchanges between speakers and participants. The event is already regarded as an "insider tip" by specialists.

The 16th XMR-Symposium will take place in March 2023.

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Awards and distinctions

2018 Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award

Sensitec has been announced as one of the winners of the Rhineland-Palatine Innovation Prize in the category “Special Prize Industry”. The prize has been awarded to Sensitec for the development of highly integrated current sensors for power electronics with high power density in electro-mobility. The CFS1000 current sensor is extremely small, dynamic and precise.

2016 AMA Innovation Award

The AMA Association awarded Sensitec the Innovation Award for the “Magnetic Flow Cytometry” project where we and our partners advanced the development of magnetic flow cytometry in proof of magnetically marked cells using GMR sensors.   

2016 Best Paper Award

Sensitec emerged as the winner of the Best Paper Award conferred at the Smart Systems Integration. The presentation on “Highly integrated MagnetoResistive current sensors for high power density electromobility” impressed the committee.

2015 Finalist in the Hessen Champions

Sensitec was among the finalists in the “Innovation” category of the corporate competition Hessen Champions. The nomination for Sensitec in the “Innovation” category was thanks to the company's development of new sensors based on the Tunnel MagnetoResistive (TMR) effect and an energy consumption that is up 100 times lower than that of comparable sensors.

2015 Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award

The research project “Spintronics technology platform in Rhineland Palatinate” (STeP) was awarded the 2015 Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award in the category of “Cooperations”. In this project, we were able to establish a technology platform together with the TU in Kaiserslautern and the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in order to quickly and directly implement scientific finding in physics into industrial practice. The partners made significant progress in developing magnetic sensors and memory units.

2014 Dürr Supplier Award

In the “Innovation and Technology” category, Sensitec won the prize for a customized sensor for balancing machines produced by SchenckRotec, a member of Dürr AG. The innovative properties of the sensors as well as the flexibility with which Sensitec responded to new customer requirements, were the decisive criteria for this award.

2014 Nomination for the Hermes Award

For the second time, Sensitec was shortlisted for the Hermes Award along with five other companies. Sensitec owed the nomination to the development of current sensors in the CMS3000 product range, with their high bandwidth and which are based on the AMR effect.

2013 Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award

For the development of a new family of AMR sensors for industrial automation applications. The award recognizes the work that led to the development of the AMR FixPitch product family, which offers improved levels of accuracy and sensitivity when compared to previous AMR sensors.

2013 SUCCESS Innovation award of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate

Sensitec was awarded the prize for developing sensors based on the Tunnel MagnetoResistive (TMR) effect and opening new areas of application. This award not only recognized our technical innovations, but also the creation of numerous highly qualified positions at Sensitec.

2012 Demography Fit certification

As a participant in the Demography Fit project initiated by state of Hessen, Sensitec's measures to prevent the impact of demographic change on employees was recognized. Sensitec received a special distinction in the field of employee development and knowledge management.

2010 Frost & Sullivan Global Product Innovation Award

For the magnetic field sensors in the AFF product family. These are typically used for 3D compass applications in mobile devices. The sensors’ high level of accuracy and the low power consumption compared to predecessor compass sensors were crucial for this award.

2008 Nomination for the Hermes Award

Sensitec was among five companies nominated for the Hermes Award from more than 50 applicants for this important international technology prize at the Hanover trade fair. The GLM tooth sensor modules, based on the Giant MagnetoResistive (GMR) effect, were selected.

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