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14th Symposium „Magnetoresistive Sensors and Magnetic Systems“ Organised by Sensitec

14th Symposium „Magnetoresistive Sensors and Magnetic Systems“

In the time since the last Symposium in 2015 the terms Industry 4.0, Cyber Physical Systems or Internet of Things have moved from a localized industrial perception to being directly in the public eye.

This increase in awareness has been accompanied by the development of a more realistic view of potential use cases for the new technologies. The central role that sensors will play at the interface between the analogue and digital worlds has been confirmed. Magnetic sensors, in particular, are likely to play a significant part on the road to Industry 4.0, providing a unique combination of precision, robustness, energy efficiency and potential for miniaturization.

As a result of these features the growth in the range of different applications for magnetic sensors is increasing continuously. The demand for higher speeds, more precision, lower power requirements and higher sensitivity is, if anything, accelerating. The need for robust sensors is also growing quickly as sensors begin to be used in ever more demanding environments, both on the earth and also in space. In order to generate new solutions to fulfil this widening set of ever tougher requirements a close cooperation and communication between science and industry as well as between users and suppliers is essential. The 14th MR Symposium provided the ideal platform for both purposes.

During the symposium the whole spectrum from fundamental R&D subjects, through applied research to product development themes was covered. Furthermore there was a range of presentations covering a wide variety of innovative applications for miniaturized magnetic sensors from the industrial and automotive to the medical and aerospace fields.

About 150 participants shared two days of high quality presentations with plenty of opportunity to network with old and new friends in the magnetic sensor community. Every event leads to an exchange of needs and possible solutions and helps keep innovation strong in our fascinating industry. The feedback of the participants was very positive and many of them will take part again in the next event in 2019.