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Book recommendation

Book recommendation

Sensor technology plays an important and rapidly growing role in the automobile. In the course of the rapid developments in the field of vehicle technology - such as automated driving and e-mobility - ever more accurate, robust sensor information is indispensable. This book describes sensor principles and technologies that reflect the trend of current sensor developments for future-oriented vehicle application areas. The focus of this issue is on sensors for autonomous driving and assistance functions, sensors for e-mobility, air conditioning, operator recognition, conventional engine management and exhaust gas control systems, and sensors for general automotive body functions.

The book was published by Springer-Verlag under "Automobil-Sensorik 3" and is already available in stores:

Sensitec's contribution deals with "Highly integrated current sensors for electric vehicles".

As an accompanying event, the conference "Sensoren im Automobil" will take place on 17th/18th September 2020 in Munich.

More information can be found at the link