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“Easy Encoder” system for linear motors Simple integration – for direct measurement at the stator magnet

“Easy Encoder” system for linear motors

Increasing demands on dynamics, accuracy and synchronism have also made new solutions necessary in linear drive technology. The Lahnau-based manufacturer of magnetoresistive sensors now offers an innovative incremental encoder concept for linear and tubular motors, which proves to be time- and cost-saving in final assembly.

With the so-called “MultiFixPitch” concept, the incremental encoder is used for measurement directly at the stator magnet, i.e. existing stator magnets are used as a scale. This eliminates the need for an additional scale, simplifies the integration into the drive system and saves costs. The system offers the designer a high installation tolerance, which in turn saves time during final assembly. The encoder is installed on the carriage of the linear motor above the stator magnets, which proves to be an easily accessible installation location in practice.

The encoders systems uses FreePitch sensors from Sensitec of the AA746 (SMD) or AA747 (COB) series, which with the appropriate circuitry result in a FixPitch configuration adapted to the pitch of the stator magnets. The angle sensors are the ideal choice when a particularly cost-effective solution for the measurement task is required. The new “MultiFixPitch” incremental encoder should be of particular interest for applications in handling systems with medium accuracy requirements.