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EBK7000 Evaluation-Kit for Angle and Length Measurement


With the EBK7000 Sensitec provides a new evaluation kit to offer the opportunity to learn the features and benefits of the magnetoresistive sensor technology for the use in positioning measurement tasks in a quick and easy manner.

The kit includes the signal processing electronics, pole rings and linear measurement scales with different pole pitches as well as the appropriate FreePitch and FixPitch sensors. Different measurement configurations at the end of shaft, shaft circumference or linear measurements can be carried out. The supplied electronics can be used for sensor signal amplification or to convert the signals into parametrizable quadratur signals by means of an interpolator component.

The EBK7000 has been developed as an extension board (shield) for an Arduino micro controller system (e. g. Arduino Uno). This allows a software-assisted adjustment of the amplication factor and a comprehensive parameter setting of the interpolator module. The analogue and digital sensor signals are provided at the corresponding pins of the Arduino for further processing.

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Due to the simple design the EBK7000 Evaluation Kit is well-suited for users like developers, students who wish to learn more about MR sensors for angle and length measurement.