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Many visitors at Sensor + Test 2019 despite enormous heat

Many visitors at Sensor + Test 2019 despite enormous heat

At Sensor + Test 2019, 539 exhibitors from 34 nations presented the entire spectrum of metrological system competence from sensor to evaluation.

The congress taking place parallel to the exhibition - the 20th GMA/ITG Symposium on Sensors and Measurement Systems 2019 - has once again enriched the event with scientific fundamentals and views on the future of the industry.

Despite the enormous heat, numerous visitors found their way to Sensitec in Hall 5 - 355. 

New at Sensitec: AA746 FreePitch Sensor for Angle Measurement

Higher sensitivity for greater working distance

The new AA746 FreePitch sensor - based on the AMR effect - meets customer demands for greater working distances while maintaining high precision for angle and position measurement in harsh environments. Compared to other variants in the AA700 family, the AA746 is more sensitive and therefore requires less saturation field strength.

The higher sensitivity results from the fact that the design and layer structure of the sensor has been designed in such a way that the effective field strengths of the magnetic scale are already available from about 3 mT are sufficient to bring the sensor into saturation mode, where it achieves its optimum performance. High resolutions and measurement accuracies can then be achieved. For the design and layout of an encoder system, this means that the sensor can be placed further away from the measuring standard (e.g. a pole ring). Ideal for heavy-duty encoders where thicker wall thicknesses are required or larger distances between sensor and measuring standard are necessary due to the application. Due to the magnetic, non-contact measuring principle, the sensor can be completely encapsulated and its design extremely robust.

Advantages of the AA746 at a glance:

  • Larger air gaps of several mm possible
  • Sensor design designed for shaft end, shaft circumference and linear measurement
  • Very high accuracy and minimum hysteresis
  • Various package forms available for SMD assembly