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NASA announces: Mars mission „Opportunity“ is finished Mars robot collected lots of data about the conditions on Mars

NASA announces: Mars mission „Opportunity“ is finished

Washington/Pasadena. The US space agency NASA officially announced the end of the Mars-Rover Mission „Opportunity“.

Since several months the robot did not show no signs of life. The last message was sent on June 10th 2019. Then a bombastic dust storm covered the planet and it was not any longer possible to get in touch with the robot.

On January 25 in 2004 the rover landed on the red planet. Since this time the rover with a weight of 185 kg and six wheels is on his was on Mars. Originally his mission was planned to last for 90 days. In the end “Opportunity” was active for about 15 years – a record according to NASA. Major task for the robot was the search for evidence of water which is the fundamental prerequisite for the development of life. Due to their robustness and reliability sensors from Sensitec were used for position measurement of motors to control all moving parts like antennas, drills, wheels or arms in this mars mission. In a follow-on mars project named „Curiosity“ MR sensors from Sensitec are again on board to measure the position of wheels, steering, suspension, robot arm, camera mast and high-gain antenna.

Picture: NASA