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Prepared for any wind

Prepared for any wind

Germany certainly does not belong to these countries in the world where the most strongest wind is blowing, nevertheless it has become world champion in terms of wind energy meanwhile. In 2016 German wind turbines produced 20 per cent of the German power demand by providing more than 77.4 terra watt hours [1].

Statistically speaking every third wind power station uses sensors from Sensitec. Our current sensors are implemented in the converters of the actuators and our positioning sensors are used for the pitch control of the turbine rotor blade as well as for the azimuth adjustment of the nacelle.

The power control in pitch-controlled wind turbines is ensured by the adjustment of the rotor blades. The current sensors are integrated in the converters of the motors which control the pitch. CDS4100 current sensors measure the motor current within the control circuit of the converters. They provide the required control quality due to the dynamic response and the good accuracy. The low temperature drift allows a constant control quality over the complete operating temperature range. Furthermore positioning sensors from Sensitec measure the angle adjustment of the rotor blade to detect the ideal setting angle and to convert as much wind power into mechanical energy as possible.

All modern wind energy plants are automatically repositioned by means of active systems with azimuth drives. The pitch adjustment according to the wind direction is carried out by hydraulic motors or electro motors. Here again positioning sensors from Sensitec measure the position of the nacelle to enable an optimum use of the wind power by means of a vertical flow into the rotor plane.