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René Buß new Head of Marketing & Sales Personnel Announcement

René Buß new Head of Marketing & Sales

In January 2019, Sensitec announced René Buß to be the new Head of Marketing & Sales.

Since 2012 he has been Department Manager of Product Management and Product Marketing. Buß joined the company in 2003 so he could not only follow the company’s development but also played an important role regarding product development. The characteristic features and manifold application fields of magnetoresistive sensors fascinate him from the year one.

He intends to establish and increase the brand “Sensitec” which stands for highest performance and quality in the field of MR sensor technology. He describes the creation of new products and product segments in this fast evolving market as a demanding challenge. In his new position he puts the focus on the strategical development of the company with regard to product management/product marketing and sales. In addition he will put main emphasis on the establishment of efficient processes and the creation of general conditions for a successful team work.