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Rolf Slatter re-elected to the LOEWE Programme Advisory Board Strengthening the research landscape in Hessen

Rolf Slatter re-elected to the LOEWE Programme Advisory Board

State Offensive for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence - LOEWE for short - is the title of the research funding programme with which the State of Hessen has been seeking to provide science policy impetus since 2008 and thus strengthen the research landscape in Hessen in the long term.

Sensitec Managing Director Dr. Rolf Slatter was re-elected to the LOEWE Programme Advisory Board in October 2020. According to the rules of procedure, the members are appointed for a period of four years. Slatter has already been a member of the advisory board since 2018 and is pleased about his reappointment.

With the LOEWE Programme, the state government supports the universities and research institutions in Hesse in their further profiling and in the implementation of strategic goals. LOEWE promotes outstanding scientific collaborative projects, in particular an intensive networking of science, non-university research and industry.

In addition, in cooperation and coordination with the major research organisations, the ground is to be prepared for the establishment of further research institutions jointly financed by the Federal Government and the Länder. The openness of the LOEWE programme's topics not only facilitates excellent basic research, but also the development of new technologies. The research results of today will be the products, services or therapies and drugs of tomorrow.

In the period from 2008 to 2019, around €869 million in state funding was made available to LOEWE and thus to support outstanding scientific collaborative projects. In 2020, around € 59 million will be available.