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Sensitec and the Mars missions What the names of the Mars rovers mean for Sensitec

Sensitec and the Mars missions

With its spectacular Mars missions, the space agency NASA has been attracting great media attention time and again for many years. On Thursday 18 February 2021, at 21:36 Central European Time, NASA's Perseverance rover landed on Mars. Never before has a spacecraft exploring the planet been equipped with more technology to scout the surface of Mars. Sensors from Sensitec have been on board the Mars vehicles time and again since 2004. This is also the case in Perseverance.

But apart from the extremely complex technology used in the realisation of the space projects, there is still an important task to be done when the next Mars rover is in the starting blocks: What should be the name of the vehicle that will soon roll across Mars? NASA is putting it to the vote. Among all Internet users. Interestingly, names have emerged that somehow have a special meaning for Sensitec. Sensitec has had sensors on board various Mars vehicles since 2004, and the names of the rovers show interesting parallels to the development of the sensor manufacturer.

It started in 2004 with - Spirit and Opportunity - Just five years after the company was founded, Sensitec delivered the matching sensors to NASA with a strong spirit, and they are looking to use MR sensors to find out if there are opportunities for life on Mars.

2012 - Curiosity - the MR effect is now established in automotive applications, but Sensitec continues to search with curiosity for new applications in industrial automation or medical technology.

2021 - Perseverance - Sensitec shows perseverance and defies the Corona crisis. The move to Wetzlar takes place, many new products are created and the sales channels are further expanded, also on an international level.

The landing of Perseverance is another milestone for Sensitec. Sensitec is looking forward to the further events that will take place on the red planet - and of course to the next Mars rovers and what their names will promise for the company.