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Sensitec maintains Automotive IATF16949 certification High process quality for sensor production

Sensitec maintains Automotive IATF16949 certification

After passing the recertification audit at its two sites in Wetzlar and Mainz, Sensitec GmbH has received the new IATF 16949 certificates and has thus once again successfully qualified as a developer and manufacturer of magnetic microsystems for the automotive industry.

The changeover to the new IATF16949:2016 in 2017 resulted in some tightening of the standard, which aims to further optimise process quality and minimise errors and risks in the production process. This poses challenges for medium-sized companies like Sensitec compared to large corporations, as the implementation of the measures required for certification demands the release of internal company resources. Since the automotive sector will remain an important sales market for Sensitec in the future, there was no question for Sensitec to go through the complex and elaborate certification process.

Despite the Corona-related possibility to extend the validity of the old IATF certificates by six months and the relocation of the main site from Lahnau to Wetzlar in summer 2020, the recertification was implemented before the expiry of the standard certification cycle of three years and according to the original schedule. Sensitec has thus once again positioned itself as a competent and reliable partner to the automotive industry. However, many other industries can also benefit from the certification and the associated high standards in the production of magnetoresistive sensors at the Mainz and Wetzlar sites in the future. With the new certificate, Sensitec continues to assure its customers of high process quality and stability.