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Sensors for the Mars Rover Perseverance? We are happy to supply them

Sensors for the Mars Rover Perseverance?

When NASA's super-modern Mars Rover moves on the surface of Mars on 18 February 2021, we will again be very proud.

Especially Dr. Rolf Slatter, who as CEO of Sensitec has accompanied all previous projects with NASA. The miniaturized MR angle sensors are extremely important for the rover's mobility and communication capabilities. They are needed to detect the angular position of the wheels, the steering, the camera head and the communication antenna.

Even though the sensors used are designed for use under extreme temperature fluctuations and high radiation loads on the surface of Mars - which they have already successfully demonstrated in the Mars missions "Spirit", "Opportunity" and "Curiosity" - such projects are also an exciting undertaking for us. Because if the sensors do not work, this means that “Perseverance” will not get far on Mars and communication with Earth will become impossible.