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TA903 TMR FreePitch Sensor for Angle Measurement Low-power precision absolute angle measurement over 360°

TA903 TMR FreePitch Sensor for Angle Measurement

The new TA903 angle sensor combines the long experience of Sensitec in the field of angle sensor technology with the energy efficiency and temperature stability provided by the TMR effect.

Patented chip layouts enable precise, flexible and cost-efficient angle measurement under difficult operating conditions. Due to the low power consumption TA903 sensors are well suited for applications powered by battery or energy harvesting. The new sensors are also ideal for EX-class applications. The TA903 sensor is capable of absolute angle measurement over 360° for example at the end of a motor shaft.

The sensor provides a high signal amplitude, low offset and very stable signal behaviour over a temperature range from –40 to +125 °C. The TA903 can be used over a wide magnetic field range from 30 to 80 mT. Applied as a FreePitch sensor at the shaft end it achieves an absolute angular accuracy of 0.6 degree. The bare die version is available from Q4/2018, further variants in an SMD package will also be on offer in the near future.

The TA903 is ideally suited for precision angle measurement for motor commutation, motor position feedback and rotary encoders in the industrial field.  

The sensor will be presented at the SPS IPC Drives, hall 4A, booth 456.