TF952 TMR sensor for magnetic fields

The TF952 magnetic field sensor based on the Tunnel MagnetoResistive (TMR) effect. 

The sensor offers

  • Extremely low harmonic output signals
  • Non-contacting measurement
  • A large working distance
  • High signal amplitudes with simultaneously low offset voltages
  • High stability across the temperature application range

Suitable for absolute or incremental applications (linear or rotary motion) e.g.:

  • Switching applications
  • 2D-magnetic field measurements

General information

The TF952 is a magnetic field sensor based on the Tunnel MagnetoResistive (TMR) effect. The Sensor contains two Wheatstone bridges. This allows the measurement of two magnetic field directions (X and Y) in parallel.

The sensor is ideal for measuring magnetic fields in a linear range from -20 mT up to 20 mT. A typical application is endpoint detection of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

The TF952 is available as flip-chip for SMD assembly.

NameHousingSensitivityOffsetBridge resistor
TF952FlipChip9 mV/V/mT±3 mV/V100 kΩ


The TF952 is a magnetic field sensor for use at switching applications or magnetic field measurements.

The sensor is a flipchip sensor and suitable for SMD assembly on a PCB.

The sensor is currently under development.

Please ask us for further information or samples.

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