CFK1000 MagnetoResistive current sensor evaluation boards

The CFK1000 evaluation board offers the opportunity to experience the features and benefits of the CFS1000 current sensor in a quick and simple manner. The primary current to be measured can be directly connected via screwed connections to a busbar or a cable connector. On the secondary side all signal pins of the CFS1000 sensor can easily be accessed via screw or additional test pin terminals. A DIP switch allows to easily change the circuit configuration in order to test the various functions of CFS1000 like the adjustable overcurrent detection, the usage of an external reference voltage or the possibility to scale the output current.

The CFS1000 is designed for the magnetic measurement of DC, AC or pulsed currents. The compact, coreless current sensor offers a high design flexibility with its wide measuring range. Its closed-loop-principle offers a high linearity. The differential field measurement principle, offers a high interference field suppression.


  • Internal or external reference voltage
  • Adjustable overcurrent detection
  • On-board filter for frequency response optimization
  • On-board programming interface for calibration


  • No additional engineering effort necessary for test and evaluation
  • Simple handling due to common test points and PCB connectors
  • Easy switching between current and voltage output signal


  • Test and evaluation of CFS1000 current sensors under laboratory conditions
Product codeIPN [A]IPR ([A]
CFK1200ACA3 x 200

3 x 600

IPN: Primary nominal current (RMS)       IPR: Measurement range (for 1s in 60s interval; RM = 300 Ω)

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