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MR sensors from Sensitec are used in a very wide range of applications. Our customer’s requirements are highly individual and cannot always be covered by a standard chip design. In these special cases we can support our customers by developing a customized sensor chip specifi cally designed to suit the application and its special demands.

It is our passion to create solutions which ensure Sensitec customers sustainable competitive advantages. This is the way to develop products which set the benchmark around the world. Thanks to innovative solutions in development and production increasingly capable magnetic micro systems are created.

Our expertise, your benefit

Sensors and systems are developed by Sensitec experts in Lahnau and Mainz. Technological principles and new possibilities are systematically developed. As one of only a few manufacturers of xMR sensors we master all three industrially used technologies:

  • Anistropic Magnetoresistive (AMR)
  • Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR)
  • Tunnel Magnetoresistive (TMR)

Our projects typically follow the shown concept. Depending on the complexity of the solution, blocks can also be skipped over. For example, an adaptation of an existing sensor chip requires a feasibility study only in rare cases.

Safeguard the future ... ... with competitive products

We develop sensor chips which are customized to suit your individual requirements. Based on our long-time experience, a broad portfolio of technological expertise, standard products and customer-specific solutions we can offer a customized chip development even for industrial customers only needing moderate volumes.

We make the difference

For us, innovation and performance are always at the forefront. It is our objective to make you as our customer sustainably more successful. Be different from your competition – generate advantages for you and your customer by providing individual solutions.


Secure "Your Sensor"!

There are endless possibilities, be it a completely new development of a special sensor tailored exactly to your requirements or slight adjustments of an existing design.


You need a sensor for incremental length measurement for a battery-driven application? No problem!

Based on existing technology as well as the FixPitch design we can develop a highimpedance sensor suitable to the requirements of the application. Individual. Optimized.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Competent advice from product specification to final product
  • Strong support during design-in
  • Concept and support of complete sensor solutions
  • Customized development of integrated solutions

People who will fascinate you

In dialogue with you we will fi nd the right path and the right solution for you. Consultative. Challenging. Cutting-edge technology. Based on our long-time experience in dimensioning and designing of xMR sensor chips the function of new chip designs can be precisely predicted by means of specially developed simulation software. Often new chip designs can be adapted precisely to the customer’s requirements without the necessity to manufacture any chip hardware.


Your individual Chip Design

Office service

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Semra Kilic
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Design Workshop

Developing high value solutions together.

Our design workshop gives you the opportunity to inform you and your team comprehensively about individual solution concepts – with the experts from Sensitec on board. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of a technically-creative dialogue.

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