VISPIRON ROTEC ... ... becomes exclusive distributor for SENSITEC "valve lift sensors"

Vispiron Rotec, as an established company in the field of measurement technology for drive engineering, takes over completely and exclusively the marketing and distribution of the proven magneto-resistive Sensitec sensors for valve lift measurement on fired engines.

Following the takeover by the Sinomags Group, Sensitec has revised its range of services and removed the business area of sensor technology for test benches from its target focus. "We are now focusing more on the broad area of current sensors, whose share has increased massively with Sinomags," explained Glenn von Manteuffel, who initiated the partnership with Vispiron Rotec in his sales territory of southern Germany. René Buß, CTO at Sensitec, added: "Our technology and the sensors will continue to be available through Vispiron Rotec. We have also passed on the know-how for optimal integration and application of the sensors to the technical experts at Vispiron Rotec."

Team VISPIRON ROTEC & SENSITEC left to right: Tino Zillmann, Applications Engineer Rotec | Zoltan Pathy-Nagy, Applications Engineer Rotec | Christopher Lehne, CEO Rotec | Kevin Rohwedder, Sales Rotec | Tobias Lenze, Applications Engineer Sensitec |Glenn von Manteuffel, Sales Sensitec

Among other things, Vispiron Rotec offers measurement solutions for drive technology. In addition to specially developed hardware for signal processing, the ROTEC measurement and analysis software is a powerful tool for data acquisition, analysis and display. It provides numerous modular software modules such as the valve train module for measurement on fired valve trains. Visprion Rotec has already used Sensitec valve lift sensors for measurement and analysis on the fired engine in the past, which is why they are optimally matched with the Rotec measurement system.  "With our know-how and the technology of the magneto-resistive Sensitec sensors, we can collect and analyze powerful data on the motion sequences of valves in a fired engine - for our customers and in the future also for Sensitec customers. In this way, we enable development departments in drive technology to optimize the valve train in terms of efficient fuel consumption and reduced emissions," says Kevin Rohwedder, Head of Measurement Technology at Vispiron Rotec.

Vispiron Rotec will be present at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in June to showcase the measurement chain with Sensitec sensors and evaluation of valve lift behavior.

About Vispiron Rotec

Since 1988, Vispiron Rotec, based in Munich, Germany, has been the world market leader for sophisticated measurement technology, analysis software and engineering services for torsional vibration analysis and complex measurement tasks. 

The Rotec measurement system is used by measurement engineers for investigations and analyses of (electrical) drive trains, gearboxes, turbines and rolling elements. It is used for precise analysis of the causes of acoustic problems and mechanically damaging (torsional) vibrations. It provides engineers with meaningful results for their product development, damping methods and component design.

Rotec Engineering is an engineering team specialized in consulting and managing complex measurement projects for powertrain components and vibroacoustics.

Rotec is present in the Mobility, Power, High Performance Engines, Heavy-duty Engines and Mechanical Engineering sectors.

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