The benefits of MagnetoResistive technology The broad spectrum of the xMR possibilities opens up a range of benefits

Benefits can be derived from use with various technologies. xMR technology provides a range of inherent benefits in various fields of application.

We at Sensitec can use these benefits particularly well as the entire value chain is at our disposal. The benefits can be summarized in three different groups - the inherent benefits, which are assisted by the availability of several technological forms of the basic technology (AMR, GMR and TMR). Secondly, the possibility of different sensor designs that we are able to implement in order to satisfy specific measuring requirements. And lastly the benefit of having our own production line where we can reach a high level of reliability and optimized specifications.

These possibilities result in an extensive setup of benefits when using Sensitec xMR sensors.

High accuracy

MR sensors feature inherently low hysteresis and high linearity. The Sensitec PerfectWave, FixPitch and PurePitch designs for angle and length measurement, as well as compensation techniques for current measurement provide even better performance for particularly demanding measurement applications.

High resolution

MR sensors boast a very high resolution, which is particularly important in applications requiring very good control quality, such as encoders for direct drives. The low noise level associated with MR sensors combined with the large signal amplitude results in an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.


MR sensors have an extremely high bandwidth and can detect magnetic fields with frequencies in the megahertz range. They are therefore well suited to high-speed applications, for example, high-frequency machine tool spindles in machining centers or switching applications.

High reliability

The solid-state and non-contacting measurement principle means that MR sensors are intrinsically safe. This is backed by the extensive and intensive qualification tests according to the latest industrial and automotive standards. The results confirm the long-term stability and reliability of Sensitec MR sensors.

Galvanic isolation

The non-contacting measurement principle of MR sensors is ideal for applications that demand safe electrical isolation. The electrical isolation of Sensitec current sensors is regularly submitted to VDE (German Electrical Engineering Association) inspections.


Magnetic field measurement is a non-contacting measurement principle and is therefore wear-free. This enables a long life without mechanical wear, as occurs, for example, with potentiometers.

High sensitivity

The MR sensors are up to 50 times more sensitive than with all other known magnetic solid-state effects, such as the Hall effect. MR sensors can detect the Earth's magnetic field for compass applications and are used successfully for non-destructive material testing and vehicle recognition. In these applications, extremely weak magnetic fields are measured very accurately.


MR sensors are fundamentally insensitive to very high or very low temperatures, oil, dirt or mechanical loads from shocks or vibrations. They can also be used in radiation and in a vacuum. Regardless of whether at -120°C 400 million kilometers away on Mars or 10 kilometers deep in the Earth at +200°C in an oil well, Sensitec MR sensors are always reliable and durable under the harshest conditions.

Energy efficiency

MR sensors can be specially designed with a high internal resistance (EcoSensing), making them well suited to battery powered applications. Thanks to the integrated compensation conductor, current sensors require a very low compensation current, making Sensitec current sensors extremely energy efficient. 

Easy to integrate

Sensitec MR sensors are inherently compact and their high sensitivity allows them to bridge mechanically dependent distances and tolerances to the measurement scale. This makes them particularly easy to integrate in designs in which there is not much installation space, tolerances are unavoidable and assembly costs should be kept to a minimum.

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