Quality policy and quality targets Quality is a benchmark for us

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The most important requirement in developing, planning and manufacturing our products are the customer and market requirements which must be fulfilled - and if possible - surpassed. To do so, the demands of all stakeholders are systematically analyzed, documented and incorporated into the development and optimization projects of Sensitec GmbH.

Quality management

Product quality can be tested. But that alone does not satisfy us at Sensitec. Sensitec's standards of quality relate to all processes in the company, starting with product development, which we define together with our customer, via on-schedule series delivery to competent customer service. All aspects of our customer-supplier relationship are subject to the integrated goal of impressing the customer by striving for the best products and the best service.

The introduction of a QM system and establishment of our business processes have enabled us to continuously review all processes in our company, which means that they are subject to continuous improvement.

In order to satisfy the extremely strict technical specifications of the automobile industry with regards to product quality and productivity, Sensitec was certified according to ISO/TS 16949:2009, defining the quality management standard for suppliers to the automobile industry.



Our products work reliably under the harshest environmental conditions known to us:
Whether it is in a 10-km-deep oil well at 200°C and a pressure of 1000 atmospheres, or on the cold surface of Mars 100 million km away from Earth. They are key elements in safety-critical applications such as in car steering systems.  These applications define our claim of durability and reliability in our products. We therefore submit our products to intensive qualification tests.

In addition to extensive magnetic and electric testing equipment, we operate a testing laboratory with numerous testing options for environmental influences, such as climatic chambers, HAST or pressure cookers.

We use mathematical modeling and simulation to identify the technology-related failure mechanisms and aging factors. This allows us to constantly develop and refine the test procedures.

Only satisfied customers can secure our success and the continued existence of our company.  They are therefore the focus of all our thoughts and actions.